Monday, June 17, 2024

Things That Might Happen….

It just dawned on me today that I have a lot of stuff sitting around that needs assembled, created, and added to my little private museum. I hope to remedy some of that during the next few weeks. With the end of winter right around the corner, I am getting the itch to sit down and start creating again.

sock monkeyI started my yearly easter egg project this morning. When I was a kid, we always dyed easter eggs using the old PAAS dyes using the hot water and vinegar concoction and hard boiled eggs. Back then, I never realized the lousy results we produced. Walking through Walmart, there seems to be about a hundred different products to decorate eggs…..and I’m willing to bet that every single one of them will produce equally crappy results.  One thing I did find (and they had these last year as well) were artificial eggs that are made from plastic and only cost $1.99 a dozen. These are not the old two-part colored eggs that they sell by the bag full. These look just like real eggs……they are white and even have a few imperfections on the ‘shells’. They come with the old fashioned dye pills, but I can tell you they do not work on these eggs.

I did my ‘eggsperimenting’ this morning and am quite happy with the early results. I am looking to create something that can be used for decorations every easter…..just like Christmas decorations…….instead of having to make a new batch each year. I hope to have some completed by the end of the week and I’ll share my results then.

I am also quite excited because I found a long lost template for a model of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. To the best of my knowledge, this template was only available in Japan back when the Harry Potter movies began.  I had acquired a copy a few years ago but for practical purpose, the format was entirely too small to make. I now a have another version which I think I can make work…… I am pretty glad.

I also have a few new Metal Earth stainless steel sculptures waiting to be built. You can see a ferris wheel I made a few years back in my ‘Other Models’ gallery. I have several ‘Famous Bridges of the World, some Star Wars themed ones, and my favorite invention of all-time……a model of the Lunar Lander used by the NASA moon missions. These are really intricate models and I usually end up bleeding by the time I’m done, but the finished products are really cool.

There are many dozens of glass Christmas ornaments still waiting for my attention as well as some beaded ones too so I have plenty of things to devote some free time to.

I have been sorting photos the last few weeks and have uploaded some of the older paper sculptures to the galleries. I have a few more to go so these will be updated soon.

If real life doesn’t interfere with  play life, I will have to make extra shelves to hold all this stuff.

May the force be with you……..

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